Hey Parents!  To begin with, you rock!  Raising middle and high school students is tough stuff.  So, let’s just start with the most important point.  You are awesome!  


At Wellspring, all adults and youth (6th grade and up) start in the sanctuary together.  The first Sunday of the month the youth will remain in service so that we can celebrate communion together.  On the remaining Sundays of each month, the youth will be “dismissed” at the beginning of the sermon to a youth specific gathering.  Our hope is to create a balance for our youth—so that when they graduate from high school, they have some sense of what it means to participate within a church and hang out with people their own age.  Additionally, youth content will parallel adult Sunday morning sermon content.  This way, after service, both parents and youth can ask each other, “so, what was one thing you learned from the passage in Acts?  Or, any sense of how God is inviting you to respond to Acts this morning?”  No interrogations.  No inquisitions.  But, hopefully, the beginning of conversation!