John 15v2-16v15: The Holy Spirit in a Post-Christian World

We apologize, but the audio recording is a little rough due to some technical difficulties.

 Listen as Aaron Mattox teaches from John 15v26-16v15 on the Trinity and being led by the Holy Spirit in our post-Christian world.

“It is often said that the Holy Spirit is the Cinderella of the trinity ...the great neglected person of the godhead. But the holy spirit’s desire and work is that we would be thrilled again, excited again, and gripped again by the words and majesty and relevance of Jesus. The holy spirit does not mind being the Cinderella outside the ballroom if the prince is being honored in his kingdom.”

  • Dale Bruner, The Shy Member of the Trinity  

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John 15v18-25: When the World Hates You

Listen as Brandon Sales teaches from John 15v18-25 on what it means to follow Jesus in a world that often opposes the way of Jesus.

Brandon is the lead pastor of Lighthouse Christian Center in Puyallup, Washington. For more information about Brandon and the church that he serves at, check out

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Family Gathering: May 26, 2019

About once a quarter, we have what we call a “Family Service,” where we mix things up and have all the kids sit in the main gathering with their parents.

During this gathering, we have child dedications, a time of honoring and praying for our high school graduates, and a panel discussion with Aaron Sporrer, Jeannie Traback and Paul E. Davis around a few core practices of The Way of Jesus: prayer, scripture reading, and living in community.

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Cultural Conversations #3: Jesus and Superhero Movies

Listen as Tony Traback teaches on the the Way of Jesus and how it intersects with the superhero movies of our culture. What is it about superhero movies that makes them so popular? What does this say about our humanity and our need for a Savior?

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John 12v12-19: Jesus' Entry into Jerusalem

Tony Traback teaches on Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem in the week leading up to his crucifixion. Why does Jesus ride in on a donkey? What message is he trying to communicate? What misplaced expectations do the crowds have of him as they shout Hosanna? Listen as we talk about what this all means for our everyday life with God.

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John 12:37-50: True Belief Leads to Transformation

Aaron Mattox teaches on what belief looks like in John’s gospel and what that means for the apprentice of Jesus. As Jesus is nearing the end of his public ministry, there are some that choose to not believe that Jesus truly is the Messiah, the Son of God. Their hearts are hard or they give into fear. Jesus, though, invites all to come and believe the good news. To trust in Jesus’ vision of the good life and being to practice the Way of Jesus that will lead to transformation.

Special Announcements - March 31

As we Pray for 5 during the Lenten season, there’s a lot of different opportunities to invite folks into what God is doing at Wellspring. Listen to this short announcement on some of different things that are upcoming in the life of Wellspring.

  1. Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday April 13

  2. Good Friday Gathering - Friday April 19

  3. Easter Sunday Gathering - Sunday April 21

  4. Cultural Conversations Sermon Series beginning Sunday
    April 28.