Apprentice Communities

The heart of our life together takes place within our apprentice communities.  This is where our central values are lived out.  We are in the midst of launching more communities.  But, for now, check out The Well, which meets on Sundays at 4 pm.  To learn more about why we have apprentice communities (versus, let's say home groups), check out this link or get connected!

Sunday Worship

Sunday we come together to be shaped by the scriptures and worship our God.  Our hope is to provide a space where anyone can encounter God (adults and kids).  In our Kids Community, we want our kids to have a robust experience of God in a safe environment. Times and Location.  

starting point

In just four weeks you will learn the story of our church, about our core values, the ministries offered here, and how we can go forward together. You will have an opportunity to meet our staff and ask any questions you have.  Connect with us about joining the next class.



If you have hung out a bit and decided that you want to be part of our re-plant family, sign up for Home. Some churches call it "membership."  That feels a bit formal to us.  We prefer home and family language--because we want to be a family together. Connect with with us about joining the next class!    

Kids and youth

We want our kids and youth to experience God in a safe and protected context.  Philosophically, this means that don't want to spoon feed our kids and youth the answers but invite them to seek Jesus.  For more information, check out our Kid Community and our Youth Gatherings.  

third spaces

Third spaces are neither exclusively christian nor secular; they are more porous and fluid--where christians and others gather in friendship and fun and occasionally to seek the good, truth and beauty together.  This month, here are a few examples.