Jesus didn't teach in a classroom.  He led by example and then invited others to follow his lead.  Likewise, we want to form apprentices who not only know our values but can equip others to embody them.  



Jesus invited the disciples into community, as apprentices, so that they could seek God together.  Following Jesus was not and is not easy.  To grow, we need each other.  For a better sense of our communities, click here.


Spirit Attentiveness:

Jesus sent his Spirit to be with, empower and guide us.  We want everyone to encounter the Spirit, hear his voice and be transformed in His presence. We have enjoyed the beauty of God's goodness through the Spirit and we want you to as well!     



Jesus relied on the Hebrew scriptures to shape his understanding of God, people and the world.  Likewise, we want to be people who are saturated by the scriptures, especially the life of Jesus portrayed in the gospels.  



Jesus invited outsiders in.  He welcomes tax collectors, sinner and prostitutes.  We want to be the kind of people who are always welcoming the outsider into our community and nearer to God.  We believe that this kind of welcome reflects the heart of God.  

If you are curious about our beliefs, as an ECO church our beliefs align with ECO's Essential Tenets.  Feel free to check them out! And while you are at it, check out Amy's transformation video below!