Living ABLE

What are your guiding values?  The principles or priorities that inform & clarify your choices? In my experience, many times people aren't exactly clear about their guiding values.  Life is busy and we go through it responding to demands & responsibilities, working hard, then resting to recover from that work.  What if instead we had a clear way to structure our lives so that what is important to us as followers of Jesus takes center stage?  That is what ABLE is all about.  One simple tool - to help you find your way into a flourishing life of drawing closer to God, living in community with and being a blessing to others.   Here's a little refresher on what ABLE is about:

Attend - Take some time each week to listen to God.  What is He saying to you? 

Bless - Bless two people.  One inside the church community & one outside. 

Learn - Open the scriptures and learn from the story of God. 

Eat - Purposefully build community inside and outside the church each week.  Food is optional, but often a fun way to gather! 

For more explanation on ABLE check it out here.