Well Communities

At Wellspring, we believe in the importance of community.  Our goal is to create transformational communities in which people find friendship, deepen their discipleship and are equipped as leaders.  We don't want to just create another meeting in an already busy week.  Our hope is to catalyze a movement of multiplying Jesus communities in the Peninsula.  In all of our communities, we do similar things: we study the scriptures, we pray together and we host parties.  Check one out!    

Sunday Afternoon: 4 pm, Wellspring Church (Childcare Provided)

Wednesday Night: 7:15 pm, in a PG home.  (No Childcare)

Thursday Morning: 10 am, Wellspring Church (Childcare Provided)...While this isn't an on-going community yet, our hope is to use this 5 week class as a launching pad for an on-going Well Community.  Check it out.  

To learn more about why we try to create Well Communities (versus, let's say home groups), check out this link or just get connected!