Launch Reflections

This last Sunday, at our Easter launch, when we ran out of seating in the sanctuary, and needed to bring in extra chairs, I laughed to myself.  It had been 45 years since extra chairs were needed on a Sunday morning.  Only funerals had filled the sanctuary since the 70’s. 

Nine months ago, who would have imagined running out of pew seating?  When our family moved to Pacific Grove to help re-plant Mayflower last June, we didn't know what to expect.  None of us did. 

And yet, every step of the way, we have seen the wonder of God at work among us.  Much more than filling a sanctuary one Easter Sunday.  We have seen hope born anew.  We have seen, like Ezekiel, in a dry bone-filled valley, life impossibly emerge.  He has heard our prayers and seen our risks.  He has proved himself faithful.

If next Sunday at 10:15 am only 20 of us show up to worship, let’s not forget what we have seen.  God is doing an amazing work among us.  He is transforming hearts, forming communities, raising up leaders, and drawing the distant to himself.  Our role is not (and has never been) to make Wellspring awesome.  Our role is (and ever will be) to live in awe of Him who leads.  The Spirit of God is on the move.  With a reckless love, He runs into the world and invites us to follow.

My friends, we are just scratching the surface of what God wants to do in this place.  God is going to do more than fill seats in a sanctuary.  Get ready.  It is coming.  He is here.  And that is all we need.