Pray for Five

Each and every day you encounter people: at the laundromat, the coffee shop, your place of work, on your street, in the apartment next to you.  You get to know them.  Maybe you share a hello or a meal or a laugh.  And all the while, as we get to know our friends (whether near or far from God), the Spirit is at work.  He isn't just sitting back in heaven.  He is moving, behind the scenes, drawing people to Himself.  And our role is to partner with as He work in the lives of those around us.  This is why we are inviting everyone at Wellspring to Pray for Five.  This is the basic idea: think of five people who are not experiencing much of Jesus these days, write their names down and pray for them daily.  Listen to how God might be inviting you to be a blessing in their lives. Pray that He will draw them to Himself and if He so desires, use you in the process.  Lets see what God will do with our openness to Him & others!  Pray for Five bookmarks are available! Grab one and pray!