In the interim

When will Jeannie and I arrive?

We are so excited to be with you down in P.G!  But before we arrive, we have to do a few things.  First, we have to transition our current ministry so that it can thrive without us.  And, also importantly, we have to sell our house and move!  This takes time.  Our hope is to be on the ground running by mid-July.  This will give us time to shift our life down to California and take a short vacation (something we need to do after these last few months)!

What can you do in the meantime?

Some of you may be wondering what to do in the meantime.  Maybe you are excited to see what God is going to do and you want to start walking down that road today!  Well, here are a few steps we can take together as we wait. 

Host: Hospitality will be central to our mission going forward.  In that light, take the time to host someone (or a few people) at your house for a meal.  If you can, host people 2 times a month until the Traback’s arrive. 

Pray: Prayer is absolutely essential during this transition season.  We need God’s help, guidance and grace.  If you can, make time every day to pray for Mayflower, Pacific Grove and God’s mission in the region.

Read: The scriptures are central to the life of God’s people.  While we won’t be physically together during the next few months, we can all be working through N.T. Wright’s Luke for Everyone.  It is a very simple way to read through the book of Luke with the thoughts of a world-class theologian.  Each section begins with the scripture.  Then Wright offers his thoughts.  Let’s try and read a section a day.  Check it out: