A.B.L.E. The Basic Habits of a Jesus Apprentice 

These four habits are grounded in central convictions of what it means to be a Jesus-apprentice: that we are guided by the Spirit, shaped by the scriptures, formed within community and sent into the world.  A.B.L.E. simply stands for Attend, Bless, Learn, and Eat.  Give it a go this week and see what God will do! 

ATTEND to what the Spirit is saying to you this week. At its core,
attending is about centering our life around the Spirit’s invitation.
BLESS at least two people this week. Bless one person in your church/
community group and bless a secular friend, co-worker or your coffee
shop barista.
LEARN from the scriptures this week. Crack open the bible and let the
story of God’s people guide you.
EAT with at least two people in your this week. Eat with one person in
your community and one secular friend or co-worker. The point is to cultivate community within the church and build relational connections outside of it by being with people - so that we can both support one another well and carry the good news beyond church walls.