Starting Point

Are you trying to determine if Wellspring is a good "fit" for you and your family? Are you looking for a place to belong within our community?  Do you just have questions about what's going on around here? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, Starting Point is for you!  Join us on July 29th after service for about an hour.  Lunch will be served and childcare is provided.  To sign up please email

Church Work Day

Gather with us as we rally some people power to tackle a few projects in our beautiful building! Come ready to get dirty, have fun, and serve together.  If you haven't been in the basement or youth room for a while, take a look.  These are some of the areas we will be working on.   It's so exciting to see every part of our building begin to reflect the life and community that is taking place inside of it.  See you June 30th from 9am-Noon.  RSVP to 

Welcome Dessert

Do you like dessert?  Have you come to Wellspring in the last few months?  If so, we'd love to have you over for dessert on June 13th, 7:30pm.  Pastor Tony and Jeannie are hosting an informal dessert to create space for us to get to know one another and enjoy some tasty goodies.  Let us know if you can make it!


At Wellspring we love middle and high school students, and we want to be a place where students can find support and encouragement, and most importantly, grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus.

There are lots of ways to help students grow in their knowledge of God.  While many churches adopt a more “fun-focused” approach, that isn’t out bent (though we like to have fun).  Studies have repeatedly illustrated that this approach does not develop the kind of resilience that students need to faithfully follow Jesus after high school.  We also don't think that developing faith-resilience requires numerous scheduled church youth events each week.  We don't want to make life crazier.  We don't think this is what youth most need.

For more information on our vision for the youth at Wellspring head on over here

Living ABLE

What are your guiding values?  The principles or priorities that inform & clarify your choices? In my experience, many times people aren't exactly clear about their guiding values.  Life is busy and we go through it responding to demands & responsibilities, working hard, then resting to recover from that work.  What if instead we had a clear way to structure our lives so that what is important to us as followers of Jesus takes center stage?  That is what ABLE is all about.  One simple tool - to help you find your way into a flourishing life of drawing closer to God, living in community with and being a blessing to others.   Here's a little refresher on what ABLE is about:

Attend - Take some time each week to listen to God.  What is He saying to you? 

Bless - Bless two people.  One inside the church community & one outside. 

Learn - Open the scriptures and learn from the story of God. 

Eat - Purposefully build community inside and outside the church each week.  Food is optional, but often a fun way to gather! 

For more explanation on ABLE check it out here.

Well Communities

At Wellspring, we believe in the importance of community.  Our goal is to create transformational communities in which people find friendship, deepen their discipleship and are equipped as leaders.  We don't want to just create another meeting in an already busy week.  Our hope is to catalyze a movement of multiplying Jesus communities in the Peninsula.  In all of our communities, we do similar things: we study the scriptures, we pray together and we host parties.  Check one out!    

Sunday Afternoon: 4 pm, Wellspring Church (Childcare Provided)

Wednesday Night: 7:15 pm, in a PG home.  (No Childcare)

Thursday Morning: 10 am, Wellspring Church (Childcare Provided)...While this isn't an on-going community yet, our hope is to use this 5 week class as a launching pad for an on-going Well Community.  Check it out.  

To learn more about why we try to create Well Communities (versus, let's say home groups), check out this link or just get connected!

Gospel of John

"In the beginning was the Word... He was in the beginning with God." Before it all began there was Jesus.  At the center of it all is Jesus.  The culmination will be in Jesus.  He is the Water, the Life, the Light, the Word.  There is so much more of Jesus yet to discover.  Are we moving closer to Him? 

As the invitation is frequently put forth in the gospel of John "come and see".  That's just what we invite you to do over these next few weeks as we journey through John's gospel.  Come and See.  Come and see Jesus.  Come and see the wonders He performed and desires to work in our world now.  Come and see the ONE who was, and is, and is to come. Come and see what it looks like when heaven and earth collide in God's great story. Come and see what God will do in and through your life. Come and See. 

National Day of Prayer

Prayer brings people together. Prayer builds bridges. Prayer reminds us that we are created in God's image and He desires for us to represent Him everywhere we go. Prayer brings unity. Join us May 3rd at 6:30pm, as we join our prayers with thousands of others that will be offered across the country that day.