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Ken & Ruth Copsey have been our Global Partners serving in the Philippines for over 30 years. They are currently Program Directors for E.I. on Mindanao, where they lead a local outreach to the indigenous people. For more information contact: Emmanuel International Mission

Update for September 2019:

Ken and Ruth Copsey, our global partners in the Philippines, will be arriving in the U. S. on September 29th. Ken will be getting surgery from a cornea specialist in Texas who had an appointment with Ken last year. “I have a schedule for my surgery on October 3. The doctor said to allow for at least six weeks for operations on both my eyes. Ruth will be with me, and my brother Jim is there to help also, especially to drive. Please pray for our travel and that my surgery would go well. And pray for the healing process. We are trusting God for his provision...Our trip back to the Philippines will be on November 18. We will keep in touch with how it goes.”