Cultural Conversations

Cultural Conversations is a short four-week teaching series looking at various fun and engaging topics from Marie Kondo, Mindfulness, Superhero Movies and Keto and Crossfit and asking the question, what would Jesus have to say about these things? Join us starting Sunday, April 28th as we have a little fun talking about these topics and more!


cultural conversations #4: jesus and keto/crossfit/spartan races

May 19, 2019


cultural conversations #3: jesus and superheroes

May 12, 2019


cultural conversations #2: Jesus and Mindfulness

May 5, 2019


Cultural Conversations #1: Jesus and Marie Kondo

April 28, 2019

Listen as Aaron Mattox talks about how The Way of Jesus intersects with Marie Kondo. Where is there alignment? Where might there be some pushback?