Annual Meeting

Hey everyone! 

At the Annual Meeting this Sunday, we covered lots of stuff but here are the essentials:

1)      God has done an amazing work at Wellspring.  It is just 10 months since our public launch last Easter and God has blessed us in so many ways.  Two exciting shifts are worth highlighting. 

a.      One, in the last 4 months we went from around 20 people in Well Communities to over 100!  That is a HUGE shift—from a growing community of individuals gathering on Sunday mornings to many communities of people gathering throughout the week. 

b.      Two, in 2018, we went from a church that heavily relied on previously fund-raised money to a church that exceeded its expenses by $71,000!  Yes, in 2018, we were in the black!  So Cool! 

2)      In 2019, you can expect a few practical shifts:

a.      We want to launch more Well Communities in other cities.  While the majority of Wellspring lives in PG, more and more people commute from Monterey, Seaside and Marina.  Pray with us that this can happen. 

b.       To expand our seating capacity on Sunday morning, we are going to open the “big doors” and put chairs in the fellowship hall.  By doing this, we can delay going to two services.

c.       We desire to identify more elders (to expand our elder board) to oversee Wellspring.  Pray that God helps us to find the right people to guide us into the future.     

d.      We desire to do another re-plant at some future date (likely not 2019).  Pray with us that God will lead us in this ambitious but exciting possibility.